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Microreaction technology - Chemical processes in the smallest space

Microreaction technology has established itself as an important technological component in particular in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry as well as in process technology. Through the use of microreactors, micromixers and other components in microprocess technology of the kind offered by the Little Things Factory, various advantages in processes of all kinds in the sphere of process technology can be achieved. In the production of fine chemicals and the intensification of chemical processes, microreaction technology is a recognised and efficient approach with a rapidly increasing relevance.

The advantages of microreaction technology using Little Things Factory technology include:

  • Rapid mixing effect
  • Optimal controllability through low system inertia
  • Short delay time
  • Precisely adjustable course of the procedure
  • Good control of strong exothermic effects
  • High operating safety through minimal content
  • Minimal environmental requirements through small quantities of substances

Microtechnological installation configurations by the Little Things Factory are available for one-step and multi-step systems, for exothermic and low temperature reactions, for the precipitation of particles and solids, and for homogenous as well as heterogenous reactions. The configurations can be expanded through the use or exchange of additional modules and adapted to suit the outcome in question.

When using microreaction technology, significant improvements can be achieved compared with conventional synthesising processes with regard to yield, selectivity, product quality and safety in the case of reactions with a strong heat effect or dosage or mixture-sensitive reactions. Furthermore, microreaction technology also provides access to new synthesis approaches and possibilities of process conduction with the achievement of improved yields as regards both space and time.