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Sigma-Aldrich Inc. has confidence in the technology of the Little Things Factory

Sigma-Aldrich Inc., the world's biggest manufacturer of reagents and special chemicals, has confidence in the technology of the Little Things Factory in Ilmenau: The concern, which has its headquarters in St. Louis, supplies customers in more than 40 countries. It uses the microreactors of LTF in the production of over 50 catalogue products.

Sigma-Aldrich offers a very comprehensive range of product lines which are used not only in research and development but also as additives in production in widely varying fields of application. All the applications, for example in the fields of life science, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, have one thing in common: the very highest standards of purity and product quality are required. Because even minute variations in quality in the individual active substances can make the entire manufactured batch unusable or distort the results of the research.

As in the past, the Little Things Factory will continue to supply microreactors in different sizes and with different function levels, depending on the purpose for which they are intended and according to the customer requirements of Sigma-Aldrich.